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TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials
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Marina, Interior Designer

Eugenia has the empathy to embrace and guide me through the somewhat scary path of change. Her practical and well thought method made my life at home easier and more pleasant. I wish I would have done it sooner.

Eugenia came to the rescue  to help us out with our girls’ bedroom. It didn’t matter how many times I’d try to sort out their wardrobes, it wouldn’t be long before everything was a mess again. It was so frustrating trying to find the PE t-shirt on a rush Friday mornings and being confronted with a big muddle of clothes, impossible to distinguish a pair of leggings from a school sweater. 

She went through all their things, helped them declutter, asked about their routines to try to understand how often they needed the different items, got the right storage and finally taught them how to fold and put away. It’s been over a month… and it may not be perfect but everything has its place and we don’t struggle to find a single thing. 

Can’t recommend her enough!!!

Maria, Product Owner


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Decluttering, Simplifying & Organising

Based in London SE16 (Canada Water)

Services on-site in London, and online across the UK

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