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Eugenia Sestini

Having lived in four different countries, I witnessed different ways of organising homes and workspaces, as well as varying forms of interacting with objects and places. 

I have a background in education, languages, library work, theatre and gender studies, all of which have nurtured my passion for creating places where people can thrive. I have trained with APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers) in the UK.

I offer my organising services in person in London, and online across the UK, in English, Spanish or French.

To find out more about my writing, visit my website.

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Other than air, everything else around us takes up space. Things take up space in our homes, they also take up time and mental space.

So why do we hold on to so much? 

Instead of thinking of what you want to keep or let go of, I want you to think of what kind of space you want to spend time in, and then make your decisions accordingly.

My aim is to help you create a space where you can do what you want to do – relax, study, work, eat, create, socialize, you name it!

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